Feature length scripts
- "Dr3am girl" (Sci fi, thriller)
Lucee is a sex worker in a bleak dog eat dog future. After being pushed to the edge by her work and she is pressured by her boss and her boyfriend, into getting an evolutionary tech implant that would free her mind from the labour of her work. But, while she finds peace in her “Freedom”, she soon discovers it isn’t all that she was promised.
Have done a sort of Proof of concept short film of this already as my major project but I feel this is a story better suited with a proper runtime.

- "Brain in a can" or "Downpour"(Mystery, thriller, comedy)
What's your favourite drink? Like when you go to a supermarket, what's your go to drink? Soft drink? Kombucha? Ice coffee? Bottled water? There's so many options. And behind every one of those options are thousands if not millions invested into not just how it looks, but how you see it. It's not just money though, rooms full of strangers talking, discussing, choosing which shade of red seems more appetizing or how blue is too blue. Millions upon millions, rooms upon room. And for what? Where does it end? Where does all of this lead to. Or more importantly what is the next step?
This is something I'm still developing, it's my spin on the brain in a jar philosophical concept.

Short form scripts
"Did I say something funny?" (Drama, Comedy)
A comedian's stand up routine unravels as he finds himself exposed to an unyielding audience.
"Life's poo short" (Comedy)
A silly punchline that goes much further than anything needs to go.
Short about Grief, TBD (Drama)
A man's life falls apart so he has to put it together again.
There's a man in my ceiling (Horror)
A daydreamer sees something they shouldn't have and now they can't unsee it.
Short based on a drawing (Horror)
After burying his cruel mother, a man finds easy solace in the recently unforbidden pleasure of rubbing his eyes.

That's all I can talk about for now shhhh.

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