In the not so distant future. Lucee is pushed to the edge by her work as a call girl and is pressured into getting a revolutionary tech implant that would free her mind from the labour of her work. But, while she finds peace in her “Freedom”, she soon discovers it isn’t all that she was promised.

Emily Caeli as Lucee
Morgan Ort as Kalvin
Damien Sato as John
Tommy Ropati as Lion

Writer/ Director - Thomas Marshall
Producer - Marcus Van Altena
Director of Photography - Lachlan Sullivan Carey
Production Designer - Ellen Quinn
Location Sound/ Lead Audio Engineer - Blake Aldridge
Continuity/ Editor - Alex Zorbas
Colourist - Yumna Masood
First Assistant Camera - Luca Morgan
First Assistant Director - Adrian Wulf

Release Date
Summer 2022

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