Madison Rafferty as Lily
Brandon Fairley as Nash
Laurence Wann as Jake
August Rogers as Tom
Writer/ Director - Alex Zorbas
Producer - Perle Isimbi
Director of Photography/ Ep 3 Editor and Titles - Marcus Van Altena
Assistant Camera/ Ep 2 Editor and Colourist - Axel Alfaro
First AD/ Ep 1 Editor and BTS Editor - Thomas Marshall
Production Design/ BTS DoP and Director - Amit Jindani
On-set (For the entire shoot) - Carter Quinn
On-set Audio/ Post Audio - Andras Westcott, Michael Andrew Budiman, Samuel Enthoven

Behind the series
I think this series brought me closer to god. It was chaotic at times and as the person responsible for set safety and remaining on time, I feel like my experience working on Getaway was a test from a higher power. There was legit a moment where my heart rate was around 160 bpm. Now don't get me wrong, we had a wonderful crew and cast to work with and it really had some great moments, but there were just a couple of wrenches that clogged a lot of the production, whether the end product's quality would be improved with the removal of these wrenches, who's to say? But, it was a refreshing reminder to only work with people you trust.
Incidents during the shoot
- Neighbours knocking about parking (1 polite and the other really passionate about parking)
- Fog machine troubles (The administration and handling) which in hindsight was for nothing because you can hardly see it and the shots you could we cut.
- Impromptu Karaoke
- Smoke alarms going off due to our fog machine which was guaranteed not to set off smoke alarms.
- I think I ate something bad because I felt awful on the third day of shooting.
- Watched Chaos Walking (Tried to nap in the theatre but it was far to rivetting.)

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