After receiving a menacing note, Mark decides to finally make his move on his office sweat heart.

Cast and Crew
Mark: William Whitfield
Matilda: Zoe Gogendau 
Writer/ Director/ Editor: Thomas Marshall
Producer: William Whitfield
Director of photography: Lachlan Sullivan Carey
Location Sound: Marcus Van Altena
Behind the shoot
As much as I would like to be, I have no ownership over last Christmas, the ultimate Christmas bop.
I don't know if anyone enjoyed shooting this, we were behind time, underequipped, understaffed, nothing but a script and some really bad cigarettes apparently. This is a common theme with my first couple of projects at SAE.
We had no budget so any and all special effects we either real (Smoking), Special Movie magic (Keen editing) and practical effects (Fake blood) Which was a home remedy of icing sugar, BBQ sauce, red food colouring and a pinch of love. Everything a growing boy needs.

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