Carlos Sardon as Sean
Emily Smith as Jessie

Writer/ Director: Thomas Marshall
Producer: Alex Zorbas
Director of Photography/ Colourist: Luca Morgan
First AD: Adrian Wulf
Editor/ Gaffer: Noah Hope
Production designer, on set sound, titles: Amit Jindani
Continuity, post audio: Christopher Borquez
Behind the short
My most difficult shoot yet, a technical bump up alongside god awful conditions, Bigger stakes, bigger risks I suppose. Whoever wrote this obviously didn't take into account the time of year to shoot outdoors and at night.

Shot in Bonnet Bay, right by the water, it could not be more dark and cold and to make everything even better, we had no access to power and as if all the stars aligned, we also ended shooting past our schedule. 

Although I look back on this with warm feelings, I'm still struggling to think what I must've been thinking to lead my fellow filmmaker amateurs into this situation but I can only hope it was all for the better.

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